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A rich white preppy school in the heart of Howard County. Most people that go here have at least 5 pairs of sperrys, lax, eat the not so shitty lunch, and start taking midterms in sixth grade. Pretty much everyone there is white even though all the ads have Asian people in them. Most of the people that go there are dumb as fuck because there parents probably are probably rich enough to ask the school to rig the system and add another $25,000 to the already $25,000 tuition. They have this shitty-as-fuck winter formal in place of prom or homecoming. If you don't play lax and go to Glenelg you're pretty much a fucking loser. What also sucks ass about this school is that they block Snapchat and Instagram on their Wi-Fi, but not blocking PornHub balances it out.
*kids from Glenelg Country School*
"I heard the winter formal is coming up bro."
"Sorry man I got a lax game."
by qaswedfrtghyujiklolpok;ldkghs; December 19, 2016
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A rich white preppy school, where everybody has money and the sports teams suck. Everybody has 3.8 and above. Once again just a big slice of wonder bread.
woman A:Hey my kids got cancer...
Woman B:Have Glenelg Country School pay for it
by Hannah4567890 November 24, 2007
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A balanced, holistic philosophy of learning that fosters strong intellectual discipline and superior academic well as athletics, the arts, leadership, friendship and cultural understanding. Situated on 86 beautiful acres, the School’s natural setting is as much a part of the learning environment as are the small class sizes and caring teachers. Frequent communication with parents creates a vital partnership.

This is the true country day school model, est. in 1954 as a nonsectarian, coeducational, college preparatory alternative in the beautiful countryside of Howard County, MD. The tradition of academic excellence, healthy living and strong community continues, from the integrated curriculum to the high levels of family involvement. The friendships and connections that each child makes last a lifetime. Motivated students and teachers from diverse cultures, religions and nationalities enhance the community with different perspectives...and share the same high regard for realizing their greatest potential.

GCS graduates aspire to lead and achieve, serving as president of Student Council at Princeton, attending Harvard Business School, winning Emmy awards, coaching the Finnish National U19 LAX Team, teaching at universities, running national banks, and advancing knowledge in science and medicine. A healthy balance continues to be a part of their lives. Ask alumni who inspired them to begin their journey - most will name a teacher at Glenelg Country School.
Glenelg Country School is often referred to as GCS

School Colors: Green and White
Mascot: Dragons
by gcs1954 October 20, 2009
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