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Town surrounded by Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Addison, and Bloomingdale. Often referred to as a Ghetto, even though it's median income per household is $68,000. This is most likely because it isn't as rich as Glen Ellyn. There are no high schools so all of the middle schoolers are separated into different ones based on where they live. There are many pawn shops, checking advance, and laundromats in Glendale Heights. There is no downtown, most of the businesses are near the borders of Glen Ellyn or Bloomingdale.
If you want to do something fun, go out to eat, watch a movie, buy clothes, etc. get the hell out of Glendale Heights! But if you need a pay day advance or to pawn something you stole there are many locations.
by Jayyyyyy Deeeeeeeeeee June 26, 2007
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