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A rich prissy concieted suburb from Hartford, CT so brimming full of puritan wealthy stuffy white folks (its worse than Greenwich). There are 2 people that are not white in the entire town. Everyone owns a nice brand spankin new car at age 15 (before they can drive-so they can break it in). Their high school is 6 times the normal size (just because it can be). They have 12 thousand sports teams (because everyone plays a sport or your nobody) and they all have swimming pools filled with fifties.
There are many snobby, rich white folk that reside in glastonbury, connecticut.
by leonne November 29, 2007
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A lower-middle class town, comprised of affordable homes, for lower income families. The town faces many issues: The High School is far over crowded, and developers have over developed homes, thus damaging home values throughout the town. The town and its inhabitants strive to be more like residents in towns greater to them like: West Hartford or Greenwich.
Gbury: My home is worth $100,000, and we paid 200,000 for it 2 years ago.
Other: Oh, You must be from Glastonbury, Connecticut.
Gbury: Yeah.
by poorglastonburykid1 March 14, 2009
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