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the most amazing brand of clothing
it is worn by many bands such as all time low.
its very different from any other kind
of clothing you may see.
yeah so i pretty much love their clothes
woah where did you get that amazing shirt?
glamour kills of course!
by Tina Undead June 11, 2008
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An amazing brand of clothes. Worn by bands such as Paramore, All Time Low, and Forever The Sickest Kids.
1: "So, what are you thinking of wearing to the concert?"
2: "Hmm. I'm thinking of maybe rockin' it in my Glamour Kills"
by jazzieburger February 12, 2008
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Extremely well mannered young lady, who respects the principles of life and is just pleasant to be around. Glamour Kills is a natural love of the true beauty in people, to sums things up you would never find Glamour Kills in the revolon section at Walmart for obvious reasons. She likes to spend her spare time by helping resolve the problems of others and has never made someone else's problem her own. She's a wholesome human being and I would love to be best friends forever with her. She is my little ray of sunshine!
"Who are you gonna go to Apple Bee's with Glamour Kills. If you aren't to busy I say me you and James go crash that shit, that'd be epic"

by Bad ass mo fucker (BAMF) August 12, 2008
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