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New twist on the old "give 'em an inch, and they'll take a mile" trope
Basically it's a warning about human nature
For example, if you tolerate bad behavior in someone, you're only encouraging more/potentially worse behavior from that person in the future
joanie: BigMike grabbed my breasts from behind at the party last night
mary: He did WHAT? I hope you smacked his ass right down for it
joanie: No, I was too embarrassed and didn't wanna make a scene, so I said nothing
mary: Huge mistake. You know how men are, Jo. Give 'em Missoula, and they'll take Montana!
joanie: Yes, I know. I am counting on it actually. BigMike is kinda sexy:):)
mary: Oh, geesh *smh*
by AcheNot February 25, 2018
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