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1.) Also known as a "Hook Kick".
2.) To kick someone with the instep of one's foot rather than the ball of the foot (AKA Front Kick) It is known as the girlie kick for its graceful and feminine appearance. A woman will often use the "girlie kick" when kicking a man in the crotch, whereas a guy will often use the front kick technique.
3.) In certain forms of Ro Sham Bo, namely "Professional Ro Sham Bo" girlie kicks are illegal. This is so because girlie kicks can be used to cheat or "set up a match." Cheating is ensued by kicking with the toe tips up into the anal region, thereby missing the crotch.
"Okay, as Ro Sham Bo ref I'm nominating Jenny and Diane to be kickers for they are proven unbiased. Mike and Tim are the opponents, the spectator money which is totaling $30.00 is the spoils.
Mike and Tim derobe down into your speedos.
Jen and Diane, take off your shoes. All kicks will be rotated after each round. You are kicking with medium force and all kicks must be equal in force to your previous kicks unless told otherwise. Oh yeah, to prevent cheating there ARE NO GIRLIE KICKS. Girlie Kicks have been banned from professional Ro Sham Bo, much the same as wearing anything BUT speedos for the opponents. Girls, let the nut kicking commence.
by RSB Master November 18, 2007
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