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Activities, keepsakes or strong memories from a female's childhood days; not to be confused with boyhood shit and its long-standing relationships with Power Ranger marathons or excessively annoying 3 a.m. back-to-back turntable sessions of Hawaii Five-0 and A-Team theme songs covered by groups with names like, "Hungover Forever Love Mister Man"
The coed finally gathered courage and ripped open the faded box her mother sent her after she'd moved to the Big Apple. It held most sacred girlhood shit, her's and that of departed same-gender ancestors: Barbie fashion plates, cleverly concealing in their epic template compartment a sad, unused contraceptive fossil. (But, the coed mused, perhaps "The Sponge" qualified more as old school twenty-something shit.) Other artifacts she discovered made her long to have lived out her own meh surrounded-by-shit girlhood during colonial times, especially the gray-green potions and brittle, moldy, black bottled herbs of her witchy predecessors. Perhaps girlhood wasn't such shit after all.
by savedbyfacebutmostlyface February 05, 2013
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