there a race so powerful they could kill you without dying or make you feel bliss.
they come in different forms

1.money grabber
takes cash out of your heart and doesnt care as much for feelings.

2.why am i with her
the ugly, bad tempered, careless, all time drawback.

3.just looks
stuning as miss world but inside as ugly as the beast himself.

4.miss perfect
caring, kind, prety, loving, doesnt ask for much.
my girlfriend is everything i have ever wanted in a form.
by werdanny August 06, 2007
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A female who means the world to you. Someone who you love, would die for, and would do anything just so they could smile. If she is feeling sad, so will you. Vice versa if she's happy. You must treat this person right, respectfully with allot of love and care.
I cannot wait till I can see my girlfriend this weekend!
by Superjj9930 May 06, 2015
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Not you mother, sister, female cousin or female friend. A female that once youโ€™ve officially established is your exclusive partner (i.e., intimate, peer, best friend), you want to kiss without her asking you. More importantly, when she asks for a kiss you give it up without question. And, even more notably, you are able to kiss without the expectation that you will get laid.

In conclusion, a girlfriend is a female that (particularly in the initial stages of the relationship) you want to make feel special and wanted (not rejected/unwanted) by showing her affection through the simple act of a passionate kiss.
Female: Baby, give me a kiss before you go.
Male: Leans over and kisses the girlfriend passionately then leaves (all without going for grabs or wanting to get lucky).
by cheeky_neraitha March 26, 2008
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The best and worst thing a man will experience in his life. If your in a good relationship sex will be constant and satisfying. But there are prices to pay like her being in a "i wanna fuck everybody up" mood when she's on her period.
My Girlfriend is so hot i don't know how i could live without her.
by A human male July 24, 2018
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A beautiful creature that some dudes dream of having but never will.
Mike: Yo, where's your girlfriend?

Tito: STFU nigguh you know I ain't got one.

Mike: LMAO...fucking loser.

Tito: Word.
by Uptown NY NY July 10, 2008
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