To males inexperienced in the realm of intimate relationships with the female population, 'girlfriend' seems like a great idea. To have someone in which they can exert their sexual desires is, in theory, the greatest gift anyone can give/receive. See gift from god.

When experienced, males tend to exert feelings of hatred towards 'girlfriend' and exclaim indicated hatred to others. Remarkably, he will never mention a word of this to 'girlfriend.' This phenomenon must be directly linked to the mind control powers only bestowed by the vagina.

These mind control powers are the bane of males, and are only known of when one is already choking on the tainted waters called 'relationship.' And it seems, even when informed, the male will deny any such power over him until the previous stated situation occurs.

One can only say "I told you so."
When I was young and naive, I wanted a 'girlfriend' so I could fuck her as often as my penis would remain erect. But as I matured and observed the animalistic behavior of the female, I realized that I was taking my soul for granted, and chose to stay away.
by Thought's Catalyst August 26, 2005
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A group of girls (usually 1-5 in the group) tougher than the parole board a guy has to impress when he decides to get further on in a relationship with a girl. Will think one way about the guy in front of their friend, but talk about him like vultures to the girl behind his back.
Ashley: Girlfriends, this is my new boyfriend, Matt.
Matt: Hey.

(The girl leaves the room)

Liana: So, Matt, do you love Ashley? Do you feel she's the one for you?

Matt: Yes.

Melanie: What do you do for a living?

Matt: I'm a fitness instructor.

Aisha: What car do you drive?

Matt: Dodge Nitro.

(Girl comes back, guy leaves with her.)

Girl #1: he seems really nice. I like him.
Girl #2: Me too, he has a nice job, nice car, he's hot, he's perfect.
Girl # 3: I approve of him. I think she should stay with him.
by Tanauthority7979 December 18, 2010
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something men feel that they need in their life, of course this is a mistake, men need food, water, shelter, not "girlfriend". when you do something wrong "girlfriend"
will be sure to remind you. "girlfriend" also makes sure to point out all the things "girlfriend" doesnt like (friends, sports, etc), things you dont do that "girlfriend" is
used to and emphasizing all that "girlfriend" does for you, amazingly all this is done while giving men the feeling that "girlfriend" puts up with alot more then
"girlfriends" friend's do.

"Girlfriend" also assumes men have endless supply of money.
Girlfriend: I wana go *insert name of stupid place here* !! Remember I went to that dumb movie with you last week.
Guy: Ok fine let's go. (thats funny I remember picking her up and paying for the tickets to the movie last week, I could have just gone with the guys and saved

Girlfriend: I cant believe you did that, Diana's boyfriend never did anything like that to her !!
Guy: What did I do wrong??
Girlfriend: If you dont know I am not gonna tell you.
Guy: Please tell me whats wrong (how will I know if she doesnt tell me?)
Girlfriend: Nothing.
Guy: Just tell me.
Girlfriend: Nothing is wrong.
*Cycle repeats about a hundred times over*
by Skidmark McGee February 15, 2007
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The Reason most men are constantly broke, or nearing bankruptcy. Also used for Drama or sex.
Man: Hey lets go out to eat!
Man2: Sorry Man I can't.
Man: Why not?
Man2: Because I'm broke
Man: How can you be broke? You make 80k a year!
Man2: I have girlfriend.....
by Fisty McFist February 28, 2006
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