A female who absolutely adores another female in the most nonlesbian way and tries to be EXACTLY like that chick and forgets her identity.
Virginia: Oh my Gad, it's Carol, oh my Gad! Am I wearing the exact same clothes as her? Do I look exactly like her? Am I speaking just like her? When other people are around and I'm with Carol do I totally ignore them and try to be cool but really I'm snobby?
Briana: Um, yes.
Virginia: Oh my Gad yay!
by ebkf May 27, 2005
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When you see a man or guy so beautiful, that you develop an envious crush that you would normally have for another girl.
"Oh my god did you see that guy?! " Girl One

"I know he's so gorgeous, i think I'm starting to develop a Girl-Crush on him." Girl Two
by Lillianseth November 03, 2009
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