an overwhelming sense of awe felt by a girl for another girl elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to unadulterated lust. may result in the any or all of the following: general euphoria, prolonged sense of inspiration, desire for intellectual-intercouse with crush, simple sexual arousal, etc
zoe bell is such a badass in deathproof, i am completely amazed at what she is capable of. she is my new girl crush
by Lyn Grin May 01, 2007
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The admiraton one girl has for another. It could be to do with hair, body, make-up, car, clothes, career, talents etc. Completely non-sexual. Girl crushes are generally very short-lived, as girls move on very quickly from trends.
Tracy: I totally have a girl crush on Ashley Olsen, she's hot as.
Monica: Ummmm, I thought you had a girl crush on Sienna Miller?
Tracy: Ah, no! Ashley dresses way better!
by discoinferno April 16, 2007
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When you purely adore and admire another girl, but are not sexually attracted to her. In some cases, though, a girl can be attracted to just that one girl, and no other girls. They may even fall in love with them. Girl crushes can be on celebrities, or girls you know personally. I personally am IN LOVE with my girl crush.
My girl crush mesmerized me, and continues to mesmerize me every time I see her.
by PrettierThanYourGF June 20, 2016
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A feeling of deep admiration and adoration a girl has for another girl. The girl with the girl crush usually doesn't want to date the other girl, but wants to be exactly like them in every way and wants to be their best friend. The girl with the crush usually loses their identity in the process of trying to be like the crush-ee.
Hannah: I think I have a girl crush!
Susan: Really? On who?
Hannah: On that Sarah girl. She's super pretty, funny, and nice! I want to be just like her!
by soul swimmer May 19, 2010
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A "girlcrush" is like a "mancrush" except it is 300% more-likely that they'll at least make out a little bit if they ever meet and 1000% more-likely that they will have a pillow fight.
Deanna has a girlcrush on Ali Krieger, and would have an uncontrollable desire to pillow-fight if the two ever met.
by BMurder69 July 12, 2011
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when a girl has a crush on another girl without being a lesbian in such a way that they're not sure if they want to be her or be on her
I have such a huge girl crush on Felicia Day!! Shes just so amazing
by Denny Washington July 22, 2013
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