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girl,whateva. this is said when a girl has confrontation with another female (usually a hater),usually when the hater accuses her of something that isn't true or says something that isn't true.
hater: girl, your man was with me.
girl: girl, bye.
by tawnee mack October 20, 2003
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An everyday expression. Can be used in several differnt ways,catagorys,tones,situations,moods: Can decribe filling of fustration, happiness, guilt, boredom, excitement,speechlessness: When used in diffrent insantances it can take the place of your commen curse words: Shorten an arugmentative situation:
oh my God! Did she really just say that, "Girl, Bye"!

Someone says;
"you could've said excuse me" rudely to you?

You simply say;
"Girl, bye!
by LILTRE. December 04, 2007
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