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1. A man whose amazing abilities at getting women to sleep with him are poorly understood by other men.

2. A man with whom hot women sleep with despite him not being overly attractive, famous, or popular.

3. A guy who shocks others with his inexplainable power over women.

4. A guy with amazing skills with women that are not initially apparent (such as very subtle but strong game, a large penis).

5. A man who does not appear to be attractive, but who is very good at giving women orgasms.
"Did you see Kevin pick up that girl? He doesn't seem that alpha! He's a god-damn girl whisperer!"

"How do you sleep with the number of women you do? You're some kind of girl whisperer."

"I went home with Ben last night, though I've always thought of him as a more of a nice-guy. Turns out he has a massive penis, and he gave me three orgasms. He's a girl whisperer!"

Hank Moody in the show Californication could be considered a girl whisperer.
by Jamie Gatz April 25, 2012
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