Every guy may have his specific girl-next-door prototype, but in general, she's the girl whom you always admired from afar and were afraid to approach, fearing that any erotic projection toward her would ruin her image as a decent, pure and almost virginal womanly ideal.

She's (in your mind at least) untrodden ground; unspoiled by other men and so sweet-natured it almost frightens you to think of her in explicit sexual situations. Almost. Here's another example: Picture your sister's best friend from when you were kids. In your mind she'll always be that 10-year-old cutie who played with you in the park. Only, when you catch up with her 10 years later, she's still a cutie, but all grown up and someone you can trust and connect with on so many new levels. The intrigue grows.

Similarly, she could be a friend's cousin whom you met at family occasions over the years. Or even a new employee at work who is shy and unassuming, but still gives you that "she seems so nice, I'd love to talk to her" feeling.
Think of Renee Zellweger's character in Jerry Maguire
by Ask Men February 27, 2005
Well, I mean there's those girls who are just "Hollywood" types. They're all dolled up and sure they may look great on TV/movies, but they need make up to do so. Then there's the girl next door whose beauty is understated, and doesn't need all the makeup, cameras, and bright lights to look pretty. She's just pretty without all of that.
She doesn't have to try to catch my eye. She's like the girl next door.
by nire72 September 25, 2011
The girl that is nice and you would like your parents to meet. Makes a great friend and above a good girlfriend
by DizzyLizzy January 30, 2007
You can look, but you can't touch.
Dude, the "girl next door" in your fantasy is my sister! Lay off!!!
by alex m. h. September 26, 2011
-A typical girl you'd see everyday that is very attractive
(i.e. Susie Miller from Psych Ed is definitely the girl-next-door type!)
Usually refers to a cute, unattainable, wholesome girl, who a guy would like to make love to. She's the type of girl you can take home to your mother, but usually is a tiger in bed.
Amy is one of the "girl next door" types. She is just as cute as a pin, so I was completely surprised when she agreed to go out with me, and even more surprised when she was all over me when we got to the park. She blew me (and swallowed) before we even got out of the car, and was tight as a vise when we made love before I took her home.
by BRD August 28, 2005