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A girl who is fearless and will fall in love instantly. She is dramatic, but everyone loves hearing from her. She is funny, and although she can be inappropriate at times she never fails to make you laugh. If you ask her friend's they'll tell you that she's nice and funny, but has a habit of picking fights, She's shy and slow at making friends but when you get to know her get ready for a wild ride. If she has glasses they are hipster ones as they fit her sweaters and cats personality. Overall, Logan is a funny flirty catararific girl.
Friend: Wow Logan is so hot.
Other friend: Dude are you gay?
Friend: No,I meant Girl Logan. She has such a catarific personality
by fergert December 07, 2013
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Man oh man, Logan is just the greatest person you will ever meet. She kind, caring, and loves doing things for other people. Yet sometimes she can get inappropriate she still has that sweet side. Don’t even get me started on how funny she is, Logan can keep you laughing for hours. Logan is sooo out going she will talk to anyone anytime anywhere. Ohh right and she is super CUTE. Also it might seem as if she is shy just talk to her she will talk too much but she will make you happy, just look at when she’s with her closest friends, look how happy they are. All Logans are just super weird and that’s what makes them so out going. One thing I just love about Logan’s is that they have the courage to do anything the heart to fall in love faster then your face hit that floor when you fall and have the humour too keep you up all night !
Boy : OMG Logan is sooooo CUTE
Friend: Are you GAY?
Boy: NOOO, girl Logan

Friend: ohh, you're right!
Girl Logan: what are you talking about?
by I’m not telling my name. November 17, 2017
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