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The most beautiful, amazing,loyal,sweet, girl you’ll ever meet. She has amazing hair and likes to exercise. She takes lots of selfies, but she is very humble about her vainity and acts like it’s nothing. She’ll eventually be an amazing wife and mother. She is very creative and comes up with the most creative gifts.
by Jaden_Goose1004 May 05, 2018
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bad ass bitch that takes no shit loves everyone but don’t fuck with her or her friends she’ll send the Rez after you
by Suhdudeeee May 16, 2018
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Jaden is a girl who is very trustworthy and always has ur back. Prefers the nickname “Jae” or “Jay”. Usually has light brown hair and beautiful blue/green eyes. She’s always ready to beat anyone at anytime. Most boys crush on her but don’t show it. She always saves her attention for one person only. She loves being around everyone and is always the center of attention at all times. Usually very athletic and very attractive. Everyone loves her.
Girl jaden said hey to me today.
by Hdyeoejwofjd December 02, 2018
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