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A wine cask carried by an Australian aboriginal woman.
"Hey cooda,mortons wife is carrying her gins handbag with her down to the park"
by opiumtrail September 20, 2007
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A gins handbag often refurs to a Gins (old Australian Aboriginal womans) goon bag that the vast magority of Gins cary with them. Much like the regular handbags that many civalised woman carry today.
Aboriginal 1 - 'oi dardz go get maaas hand bag for our journey to the traino'
Aboriginal 2 - 'Yeah boi unna'
15 minutes later....
Aboriginal 2 - 'bro its all warm'
Aboriginal 1 - 'no shit dardz its a gins handbag
by Dardz boi yeah March 24, 2011
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