Main character in the hit TV show CSI. Others advice to other CSI's and comes out with many wise comments.
Sara: Grissom!
Grissom: What do you got?
Sara: The one thing you don't want to find at a murder scene.
Grissom: Another body.
by Monkeyseat May 9, 2005
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The supervisor of the CSI Las Vegas forensics team. His team mates look up to and are inspired by him. He's famour for his quotes and oneliners, apparently named Grissomism. He always gets his job done, and always gets it done right. For personality comparison, see alo Yoda.
Person 1:"Dude, you've totally got this Grissom thing going on...."
Person 2:"The conclusion was simple, I just had to look for it."
by Sage Zero March 4, 2005
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