When you take more psychedelics the day after a trip so you feel sluggish or ghoulish because your serotonin is completely drained and your neurons are burned out.
I was ghoul tripping last night and it was one of the worst tips I've ever been on.
by FirstTime69 January 27, 2021
When a premise in a horror movie (usually about a monster, but not always) is over explained, to the point where it is no longer scary and/or becomes uninteresting as a result.
The Argentinian horror movie, "Terrified" (2017) was really scary - until they started talking about Ghoul Lore , and it lost its edgek,
by PinkStinkDemon December 3, 2021
a very sexy genshin player, beautiful server owner, a sweet discord user and a cutie
Someone: "I love ghoul#9606"
Some other person: "Who doesn't?"
The small porcelain or glass containers used to store THC concentrates, aka dabs. Can also be called a “ghoul”. This term was coined by Brady and Ryan.
“Hey, Donny, pass me the ghoul so I can scrape it”
“Do you mean Ghoul Chamber, so the website will let us post this example?”
by Fat-Ice November 10, 2020
A skin that every kid wants to look cool but is actually a nerd
I got the og ghoul trooper I’m so cool.
by Random8887777765543677 April 23, 2022
Noun / The hobby of absolutely violating enemy players as Yoru in the Riot Games Game "Valorant"
"That was absolute fucking ghoul activity"

"Yeah that guy just fucking annihilated you with his shorty"
by Day 69 Off Perc July 19, 2022