A person who is iconic, sweet at heart, and gorgeous. They love too mess around with their friends, are caring, always making jokes that never fail to make people laugh. They are a unique and hard to understand individual, but they are quite the amazing one at that.
Ghouls is my bestie!
Ghouls is bae
by bigbootybitches12 February 21, 2021
A disloyal friend who will do anything for a girlfriend/boyfriend
James: Ieuan is such a ghoul!
Dan: I know right, that guy won't stop harrasing my girlfriend.
by TruthTeller666 July 27, 2015
A person who, after ghosting you for a while, attempts to come back into your life.
Yeah, my boyfriend ghosted me two months ago but now the ghoul expects me to take him back.
by Zxar July 31, 2022
In the Fallout series, Ghouls are human beings who were horribly irradiated. Some of them are just disfigured humans who age very slowly and are immune to radiations, and are called intelligent ghouls, and others got their brain so irradiated that they fell into madness and attack any non-ghoul they see, and those are called feral ghouls.
If your ghoul even looks like it's going feral, I'm putting it down.
Diamond City doesn't allow ghouls in the city.
by Pelinal-Maxson July 17, 2017
A vile creature that lives of the flesh of humans. Also known as a Democrat.
That Democrat politician promises money to poor people in exchange for votes whilst feeding off of hard working conservative people....what a ghoul!
by Tarman Crothers October 15, 2018
A ghoul is truly the lowest of the low. With a face not even a mother could love, ghouls love to sit in dimly lit places, reminiscing about how they could’ve asked that senior to pizza pizza without looking like a complete twat. Ghouls are often filthy, with hair more greasy than dad’s personality, and a stench that reminds one of the trenches.
Get away from me you horrid ghoul
by Critical_MASS July 1, 2019