The action of pedalling on an Electric Bike on the UK highway but not generating any motion because the Bike is illegal and not as per EAPC requirements of:

1) must have a maximum power output of 250 watts so is 350 watts or more for example
2) should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph but can

So people and Police without a LIDAR think that your pedalling is propelling the Bike and not the illegal motor.
I love Ghost Riding past the Police as they don't have a clue!
by EAPC Ghost Rider July 08, 2020
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The act of dancing next to, around, or on one's vehicle while it is traveling idle speed.

It should be noted not to try this downhill or with a car with a higher idle speed than 15 mph!
"Pop up hop out all in one motion,
Dancin' on the hood while the car's still rollin!
Ghost Ride It!"
by Ѕςσŧŧγ Ρΐρρΐη December 02, 2009
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To ride a vehicle on the hood or the top of it.
Man did you see that one dude Ghost Riding on his car. It was sweet
by putzz January 20, 2007
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ghost ridin is when you gettin stupid..your cars rollin down the street, you got the doors open...hangin out the doors dancin,feelin done when thizzen, or drunk.
good ghost riding: bounce with the car as it start to shake,open up the car go's the whole damn car load,hop out and follow,while you let the car role, ghost ride the whip while you ride the strip,it's the chance to do your dance on the side of it,
Mac Dre-thizzle dance
thizz in peace Dre
by kelly&blunt May 01, 2006
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When one sits on their hand until it becomes numb and then masturbates with it so it feels as if someone else is doing it when if fact no one is there, hence ghost riding
Sometimes I ghost ride myself and imagine thats its you
by aja1185 October 07, 2008
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Ghost Riding is the art of having sexual intercourse from behind; while reaching the climax one pulls their lover's hair back and sets it aflame, making their head burn in the likeness of Ghost Rider
Dude, last night I was totally Ghost Riding that girl.
by Allen,Brant,Wes April 18, 2011
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–verb (used with object)

1) To not show up for your date at all
2) Use a corny excuse to explain your absence
1) A bastard ghost ride one of my friend on their first date.
2) He tried to get away with it by ghost riding his way out of the hole.
by Robert Lo February 25, 2007
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