The act of hanging outside of their driver-side door with no driver in the seat while the car is still in motion. From the yay area, oakland!
Ghost riding the whip,
doors open,
invisible driver!
invisible driver!
by aempirei November 30, 2005
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bay area rap term.
someone riding on top of a scrapper while the car is still moving with no one driving.

listen to Ghost Ride IT by Mistah F.A.B
i ghost ride it through fruitvale!
by HYPHY JUCIE IN DA YAY August 26, 2006
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when tards in the burbs take their automatic vehicle, and let it coast while they try to make an ass of themselves either walking in front, jumping on top or hanging on the side of their own vehicle..

usually for the purpose of making a video...
look at that wigga with his chevy tahoe , he's ghost riding and woops, just got run over by his own car !
by dr_gonzo_2 January 04, 2007
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Pull up, hop out, all in one motion
Dancin' on the hood while the cars still rollin'
Person 1: Shit man i got some bumpin rap music what the fuck should we do
Person 2: ummm, shit i gots a new whip lets ghost ride
by WHIP* January 11, 2009
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1. To ride a bike at a medium to high speed, then jump off, allowing the bike to ride in a straight line, and then for it to curve sharply as if a ghost was steering it.

2. To set an automatic vehicle on cruise control, then exit the driver seat and walk in front of, next to, hang on to, etc., the moving vehicle.
1. Timmy and his friends were hanging out, then the dumbass decided to ghost ride his bike, which hit a police car. Timmy is now in jail.

2. Bob attempted ghost riding with his car, but oncoming traffic had other ideas.
by Sarah Z May 19, 2008
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A sexual act whereby a person will take a girl from behind as she faces their bedroom window. This person’s flatemate will very discreetly come in half way through and swap whilst the original fornicator runs around the house to the window and waves at the girl who is now being “ghost ridden”.
“Dude I just got a booty call from Lauren and she sounded fairly trashed – could be a good night for ghost ride
by superluckycat August 11, 2008
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the act of exiting a motor vehicle, specifically a car, while it is still in motion, and dancing either next to or on top of the vehicle.
Mike and Kev were grippa bored so they so they started ghost-riding the whip down 3rd ave, Mike thizzed on the windshield while Kev did the harlem shake on the roof.
by Mike Leahy March 21, 2006
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