Run down beat up side of town usually located in the bad or poorer part of towns
Looks we're in the ghetto side of town now Billy
by Hydra16 November 29, 2016
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A hobknocker, inappropriate pupil who constantly swears and wears little to no clothing or wears hoodies and sweatpants so they are ready to go rob somewhere.
The ghetto chick threw on her skin tight shirt and skinny jeans and headed out to meet a guy to make a fetus.
by Dictator12455582828 November 18, 2015
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A word used to describe anything that’s usable but technically broken. Even though it would be easier to replace it than deal with it broken, your just too lazy. So it’s ghetto rigged instead.
β€œI can’t find the back to the remote so Its ghetto rigged with some duct tape now. When it stops working just push the batteries back in and slowly flip it over and set it down softly or the batteries will pop out.”
by Pseudo-stasis April 13, 2021
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