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Asian Americans are generally stereotyped as model minorities. Census information tends to show that they excel as a group in educational attainment, careers, annual income, etc. However, this information is skewed, as Asian groups tend to do far better than others. While the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, East Indians and Pakistanis tend to be at the higher end, there are many Asian groups that don't tend to do so well and do not match with the model minority myth.

These Asians can be called in slang "ghetto Asians", and they generally include Cambodians, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Laotians and Hmong. These groups tend to be poorer, more likely to be affiliated in gangs and do not have the same attainment levels in education, career and income.

Obviously this is changing quickly with generations, seeing as many of these "ghetto Asians" came here as refugees or are the descendents of refugees.


Also, the term "ghetto Asian" can be coined for any Asians that act, dress or live a "ghetto" style.
Sure we have Latino gangs, but believe it or not we have tons of ghetto Asians that are in gangs too.

Li likes to talk and dress like a rapper, he's a ghetto Asian.
by David Juica June 06, 2007
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An Asian who thinks he or she is Black. Many are Korean especially.
That Korean boy in the FUBU wear and listening to that 50 Cent over there is definitely a ghetto asian.
by Albert Lee April 13, 2004
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A Ghetto Asian is an Asian individual who dresses/acts the whole Hip Hop persuasion. This doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is trying to "act black", but more-so trying to live the Hip Hop culture they admire. In some cases, the Asian individual may have authentically been brought up in the ghetto, but in most cases, they're weren't. In reality you cannot act black because black is a race/colour, not a persona. Given, not all black people act ghetto.
Look how many Ghetto Asians live here in New York.
by Gianna DaVinci April 15, 2011
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ghetto asian is someone who is a straight shooter and doesn't take bull shit. person who has an attitude of gangsta, yet the intelligence of an asian--supa smart!
the ghetto asian was blasting the sound of tupac while working on physics.
by bling girl May 27, 2005
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Ghetto asian - Asian descent that hangs out with ghetto people in there ghetto neighborhood.
Ghetto means to act like you don't have sense and it doesn't mean if asian people talk black makes them ghetto, you are only ghetto if you grew up an a ghetto place with people that talk with slang and many Burmese people and cultural people move to those type of places and thats when I met my nigga Min...
Aye their go my nigga min! Yo wassup min! (Min: Aye wassup bruh) ghetto asian
by Josh Mulatto July 27, 2016
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