He's walking around with a big smile because he knows he's going to get laid.
by Anonymous June 16, 2002
Tom said he was getting laid at a party, and by that, i mean sex, in a vagina, not just a blow job or a hand job
by Teachyoualesson July 23, 2008
the solution to being "too uptight"
Your too uptight...go get laid.
by secret March 2, 2005
get fuck; have sex; get girls
hey bud, heard that your girlfriend is on a trip, let's go to the club and get some girls tonight.
yeaaaaaa, let's go get laiddddddddd.
by Jazz_jazz November 30, 2007
something a guy thinks he will get if he listens to dashboard well he won't because the girl wil think he is sweet and she would wanna be with him not on him
guys are such pussys