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getting bixlered- the preterite tense of the more common verb "Bixlering" which refers to the act of disappearing without alerting your peers or friend group. The term "getting bixlered" refers to that moment when a friend, acquaintance or peer mysteriously disappears unexpectedly and unannounced only to turn up later unfazed. The verb can be used in many different forms. For example: To bixler, the act of disappearing unannounced into the night within a foreign city only to return hours later, once again unexpectedly.

The term refers to the late Thomas Bixler, who was known across the land for disappearing and then later revealing himself. Mr. Bixler was believed to be in some sort of secret organization or had special training unbeknownst to his peers whom he attempted to blend in with.
Me: Hey Thomas you down to hit up the bar tonight?
Thomas: Yeah sure whatever man.
Me: And im not in the mood for getting bixlered tonig....
Me: Thomas?
Me: (to group) damn it. We just got bixlered.
by FreckelFart17 July 10, 2013
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