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A sparkly party thrown by the modern native inhabitants of Germania. A swaggalicious occurance synonmous with hardcore awesome. Typically correlated with rübber bööts and pärty pänts. However it transcends common knowledge, which dismisses it as basely effeminate. The true magnitude of extreme über gucci swag eminating from these gatherings is beyond the base understanding of the uninitiated.
Is dis de party ja? I like German Sparkle Party.

Wenn es gibt kein Glitzer, es gibt kein Party, ja.
Translation: When there are no sparkles, there is no party, ja.
by DJ$waggaKING June 16, 2013
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When double rainbows meet German pop singers that are somewhat seen as possible homosexuals. In other words, a gayclash complete with strobe lights, drugs, sparkles, schnitzels, beer boots, pink bratwurst, rubber boots, party pants, ect.
Florian- *with a flirtatious hand gesture* I like German Sparkle Party~
Rudolph- Ach ja, I live to dancy-dance in thooose~~
by Shady-chan The Neko August 25, 2011
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A German Sparkle Party is where you spray adhesive on a friends face (or your own) and then pour copious amounts of glitter into the anal region of a stripper or otherwise talented participant who then farts aforementioned glitter into the sticky face of the recipient
Jeff got a German Sparkle Party for his birthday and still has glitter in his hair
by ron mahogandy July 01, 2015
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The kind of activity's you do when galavanting around with a pedophile named Jenna and its wife which is the British Queen of Narnia and there germansomely friends who are awesome
A: Dude! That party was awesome!
B: Yeah, it was a german sparkle party!

Q: We, are so awesome
R: Where ever we go german sparkle parties just happen around us!
by SuperAnna 'the germanly one' November 19, 2011
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