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A German Fire Drill: Four to Six people gather in a circle in a dark concrete room wearing sweaters woven out of each others pubic hair (or darkish gray spandex, depending on how much time they had) subsequent to each consuming a large portion of syrup of ipecac. The participants in the fire drill wait until the ipecac has its effects at which point they ferociously vomit on each other, creating a shower-like fountain of ipecac-scented vomit. The sound created by the people vomiting has been sometimes described as sounding like a german fire alarm, thus giving the practice it's name. Special attention is generally taken by participants to direct a majority of the vomit on the host's genitalia, as an act of courtesy and gratitude.
What is that noise Sharon?
My son and his friends are having a German Fire Drill upstairs, sorry.
by Tommyboy783928 March 14, 2008
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Four to six participants are in a car that is stopped at a red light. One person rips the hardest ass imaginable and everyone has to get out of the car until the smell passes. No one may enter the car, even if the light turns green, until the car smells better. This is loosely based on the chinese fire drill.
Big cheese: “dude on Sunday we had the worst German Fire Drill ever”
John: “yeah man it was pretty smelly my dude
by megacheese69 May 04, 2018
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