georgia rose is in relation to the song "best song ever" by the predominantly british boy band, one direction. the teenage heartthrob boy band features one irish princess, also known as niall james horan. the lyric sung by liam james payne, featuring the term "georgia rose" goes: "said her name was georgia rose, and her daddy was a dentist." the music video features some of the best characters known to humankind. jonny and harvey, played by louis william tomlinson and previously mentioned, niall james horan. they play studio executives. you can't forget the sexy assistant, veronica, played by zain (zayn) javadd malik. no wonder he sang the mom part in the song fresh prince of Bel-Air, commonly performed by the quintet. marcel, the marketing guy, is played by harry edward styles, who thinks that you're cute as a button, every single one of you. and of course the dance instructor, leeroy, played by liam james payne. marcel calls in leeroy. "leeroy!! mhmm" leeroy has a vision for a big dance scene in the movie. niall will do the shimmy, the shimmy, the shimmy. zayn will pirouette and louis will do the splits. liam will stay right where he is because he is per-fect. later in the video it features them shaking their butts and doing some other questionable dance moves.
non-directioner: what does georgia rose mean? it's on the top thirty on urban dictionary.
directioner: you don't know what that is? you need to be listening to one direction.. NOW!! let's start with best song ever.
niall: POTATO
*pigeon flies by*
louis: kevin?
harry: no boo bear that wasn't kevin
liam: harry you know I'm afraid of spoons, can't you eat your tac-o's somewhere else?
zayn: uh guys? I was in the trash shoot for 9 months and you didn't notice??
by thatgirlmic June 30, 2021
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A classy southern lady typically from Georgia, that will make biscuits and gravy for all Y'all, and maybe something with some Pe - CANS.
"ooo, Lawd, y'all take a look at that georgia rose! Miss May heyy-y!"
by Dama007 January 12, 2021
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Another name for a sexy ass pornstar/model.
Stu: Remember Abigail?

Jeff: Yeah, she was so hot she could've been a georgia rose.
by alawomi September 22, 2020
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This is a red type of flower found on georgia that looks exactly like a normal rose
Instead of Mike giving Jane a bunch of flowers he gave her a georgia rose
by Tyrusgi September 19, 2020
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she is the girl mentioned in one direction's best song ever music video. she danced all night, and she knew every line to the best song ever.
One Direction: "Said her name was Georgia Rose". "And her daddy is a dentist".
via giphy
by onedirection0723 February 28, 2021
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