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A.K.A. G-Dub. Located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, DC, George Washington University had a student body composed largely of Northeastern and California undergrad and European grad students, all with way too much of Mom & Dad's money
Girl: Hi! I'm Jen & I'm drunk! It's my birthday! Wanna buy me a drink?

Guy: Hello...I'm Carlo, and I would love to buy you a drink...

Girl: I'll have a cosmo!

Guy: So...What do you do?

Girl: I'm a junior at GW...Can I get a cosmo for my friend Mindy?

Guy: Really? I work at the World Bank, and I'm a George Washington University grad student in the Elliott School.

Girl: Mmmmm...I think Mindy really doesn't need a cosmo after all...Wanna go back to my place?
by wdc January 11, 2006
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The best school to attend for connections. The name alone will open doors for you that even money and tears never would.

The best of the Washington, DC universities and the closest to the White House. Get used to seeing Secret Service men on campus, because the city is your campus.
Dude, I lost my passport in Paris; but I went to the embassy showed the guy my George Washington University id card and he gave me money to take new passport photos! I didn't even have to get on the end of the line he just waved me through.

I aced that interview! Turns out the head of HR is a grad of George Washington University.
by Flame Dame 2 May 28, 2008
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Located in Foggy Bottom of D.C., George Washington University is primarily known as the "University for Consumer Culture". The institution has gained a reputation for fostering sons and daughters of the wealthy, whose goals seem to be excess material consumption and pretentious fashion-following, despite having bright students.

Such rumors were likely propagated after the University's world record-braking tuition fees, much of which is put toward entertainment provided for students (e.g. laser light shows, parades, galas, slush-rides and other services external to education itself).

The school is also criticized for lacking a "campus" in the traditional sense of the word.
OMG!!!! I got into George Washington University, lol!!! I am SO going shopping in Georgetown with Daddy's plastic, first day I get there. How exited am I that our dorms are like palaces!!!
by omidhg August 26, 2009
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The school rich spoilled brats go to where despite daddy's donations they still couldn't get into Georgetown.

Living conditions also consist of 7 people crammed into a single dorm room like sardines.... but at least you are still in DC
Its cool I didn't get into Georgetown... Daddy felt bad so he got me a new car, a Fendi, a spot at George Washington University and we're all going to Cabo for the weekend! Totes Fun!

Whats the one thing Georgetown University and George Washington University Students both have in common?

They both applied to Georgetown
by DC101 April 30, 2010
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Dodge Durangos are the leading cause of death on G.W. campus because of the lack of campus and its obscure position next to a major roadway. Tuition at G.W. is the among the highest in the United States, which causes parents to sell younger siblings and themselves on the street corner. Students here are snobby assholes who own big SUVs to compensate for the little dicks. They like to think they're smart but in reality they got accepted because they're stupid enough to pay the tuition, which is so high it could feed Zimbabwe and Cambodia for five years. Former alum include such dictators as Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Saddam Hussein, which leads to my point that this school was built by secret Pentagon and CIA funds to train dictators. They're curriculum promotes homegrown terrorism and worldwide domination. Some say the virus AIDs was started here.
Hugo Chavez:" Hey Raul, are you going to the class reunion at George Washington University tomorrow?"

Raul:"No, you fucking asshole. I am going to put some journalist in jail for correctly citing that my dick is very small."
by SweatyD.C.ballsack July 23, 2010
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