G - gay, gorilla, gummy bear
E - empty headed,extra dumb, endless
O - odd, out of hand
R - reckful, really dumb, redneck, racist
G - goose, gullible
E - entitled to leave, entrance to hell

W - wierd, wacko, welly boot,

B - bitch, bastered, bullshit,
U - ugly, unhuman, unknown, un-enviromentall,
S - shit, stupid, shit face, super dumb, sucker, small
H - horny, hooker, hoe, huge headed, hell
george w bush is really really really stupid, and is a klubufubu.
by stoodoodododododod October 06, 2006
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a slow, simple-minded retard who has no idea how to run a country he favors the rich and makes things up to justify his actions worst president ever *YOU'LL BE SORRY THAT U DIDNT VOTE FOR KERRY!
"Bush makes me want to ralph!"
by DQIT and WIAAN April 30, 2005
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A man who fucks cows for a living and corrupts the world by being a total faggot. I hate this mother fucker as does all for society.

He led us into IRAQ and his illegal and stupid election caused 9-11.

Vote Ralph Nader for president and plant a bush in Texas (where the faggot belongs).
by big time games May 22, 2004
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a fascist fuck. belives that war will save the world. WHAT GOOD WILL WAR DO YOU BASTARD? constantly contradicts himself and his religion. ignorant
little jimmy came home one day to find his parents watchingt he presidents address.
"youre acting like george bush."
"by being a fag like george w. bush."

by samisjesus June 04, 2006
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A liar, cheater, and/or oil-hungry politician.

See stupid.
Just because I don't agree with the policies of the current administration under George W. Bush, that does not make me un-American.
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1. A symbol of everything wrong with the USA today.

2. The straw before the last, which will break the camal's back

3. A facial expression consisting of a stupid smirk and dim-witted eyes
1. unconstitutional, dictatorial, not intelligent, lacking knowlege of own history/existence, apathetic, unemotional, antisocial, self-centered, narrow minded, stubborn, blinded by own power, irresponsible, dishonest...
A society with too high a GWB-facitor can only lead to trouble
2. "You are at the GWB point young man/lady"
3. Wipe that GWB off your face.
by loosecaboose August 01, 2005
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