Undergrad - A good school in Northern Virginia. While it does not have old tradition (it was established in the 20th century) it is becoming more prominent on the college scope as it is becoming more selective admissions wise, and as its academic programs are headed by top professors.
Law school - One of the top law schools in the nation; headed by top professors. Very selective (george mason undergrads have more difficulty getting in than other applicants)
-I'm going to George Mason.
-That's a good school.
-I'm going to George Mason Law.
-That's amazing!
by Mason55 April 22, 2006
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The Largest school in the Commonwealth of Virginia that is also the most diverse college in the United States.
I'm white and I feel like an outcast when going to class at George Mason.
by Richard Brockman April 16, 2006
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When a much more superior men's college basketball team loses to an underdog team, and causes much embarrassment and tears for the losing team. George Mason being the most notable example when they made it to the final four in 2006.
Friend 1: Did you catch that basketball game last night?

Friend 2: Yeah I'm surprised that the upset occurred.

Friend 1: Yeah they totally got George Masoned.
by Pantherguy03 March 18, 2011
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Little known until recent Final Four fame, George Mason is statistically the largest and most diverse university in the state of Virginia.
Located in Fairfax, Virginia, 15-25 minutes outside DC (depending on NoVA traffic).
Mostly known in Northern Virginia as a commuter school, and often belittled because of it; but still houses over 4,000 students on campus, mostly in newer dormitories with the exception of Patriots Village, (the Mason ghetto).
Notorious for bad parking, finding a space at Mason is like finding a transsexual at a Republican National Conference; if you're lucky.
Although plagued by geese, Ciao Hall, and sh*tty parking...
At least Mason can play ball.
"What the f#%$ is George Mason University?"

"That team in the final four that beat uconn and unc"
by IamKristyJo April 11, 2006
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George Mason University is statistically the largest public university in VA. Located in wealthy Fairfax, VA don't bother driving there, as odds are good you will sit in traffic until well past your interest for visiting has passed. Known primarily as a commuter school, that is false since we house almost half of our undergraduate students. It's really cold here, so be sure to bring a North Face and chapstick if you're unfortunate enough to have a friend you'd like to visit that goes here. The parties never stop at George Mason University because they never get started. If you don't have $400 to blow every semester to join a frat or sorority, odds are good you will be reduced to drinking hard liquor in your dorm 4 to 7 nights a week. I love being drunk and complaining about being bored as much as the next guy, but sometimes you need to get out to DC and get mugged on the metro, since GMU is so conveniently located next to our nation's capitol. Academics are top notch at GMU and highly overlooked when it comes to being compared with other schools in VA. Basketball is the only sport worth anything here, still riding that ever depleting glory of being in the Final Four that one time that one year, sparking the first time anyone had ever even heard of George Mason University. Apply to George Mason University, find a friend with a car, find a friend who is 21, and find a friend who has an off campus apartment/house. Only then will you truly be a Green and Gold bleeding Patriot.
George Mason University is some people's first choice for college, can you believe it?
by el ttilood January 09, 2010
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The only unique school in VA. Closest to DC of other commonwealth schools, beautiful campus, more people living on campus than most other schools, diverse student body, better value than DC schools. If you want to go somewhere that not everyone looks the same and there's an unofficial uniform of uggs and north face (i.e.- Tech, Radford, JMU) or where people are overly stuck up and have outdated methods and campuses (i.e.- UVA, W&M, Gtown, GW) Mason is a great option. Not one kind of student there. Mason has been growing hugely over the last few years (right after I graduated). Facilities are amazing! Great basketball team is bonus.
I'm going to George Mason University so I can get a good education, be an individual and be near the most powerful city in the country.
by staceytee January 17, 2010
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A YouTuber associated with Shrek and he looks like Lord Farqaad. He is known for his catfishing and flexing what he doesn't have. He is actually broke but flexes fake Gucci and obvious fake money. He shoves airpods up his nose to flex.
George Mason flexes what he doesn't have
by Jacksucksatclips February 01, 2021
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