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an actor best know for his work in the original "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory", also for his work with producer Mel Brooks in films like "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein". He is also AMAZINGLY funny!
Person 1: Do you like Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka or Gene Wilder?

Person 2: Gene Wilder all the way!
by Krrazy February 06, 2006
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an American actor born June 11, 1933 who is best know for willy wonka and the chocolate factory but also stared in a number of Mel Brooks films including blazing saddles and Young Frankenstein and also stared in Stir Crazy and silver streak with Richard Pryor and is one of the best actors of all time who's humor can't be matched by today's actors
Lorrie: hey who played that dude in willy Wonka that had all the candy
Lissy: Gene Wilder
by fae430 August 16, 2009
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n. someone who is dead or is thought to be dead -- very difficult to ascertain

v. -ing

from Yahoo! Trivia Madness! (/join Trivia Madness!:1) chat room... ask any regular, it's been a running gag for years
godfather_of_geek: GO CRIMS

godfather_of_geek: A: ELTON JOHN

gerrycook: did bolan die? or am I just gene wilder-ing him?

qurious_georgie: left the Room

crimson_canuck: OK..EASY MUSIC Q

godfather_of_geek: he died a long time ago

ersatz_genes: lol gerry

winter_boots_n_lags: wtg canuck!!

gerrycook: ok

relee64: bolan - dead in my book

silk_onthelake: lol gerry
by former canuck June 17, 2004
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a man who really sets the standard when it comes to being a badass and just an overall pimp. it is widely believed that genghis khan has the most descendants, but really, it is none other than gene motherlyfuckin' wilder who holds that title. suck on that, china.
"did you hear? tina's pregnant, I'm going to be a father!"

"that fucking gene wilder guy I swear to god, he got to my wife too, don't worry about it."


"HAHAHAHAHAH hey pal let's go drink our sorrows away fuck those bitches WHO NEEDS 'EM"
by my name can be blank fuck you January 10, 2012
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Best known for his portray as a pseudo paedophile with a love of comedy midgets aka Oompa Loompas and chocolate.
Notable for bad hair under pressure and a tendency to randomly burst into song.

Often found masquerading (albeit very poorly) as an Investment Banker with a distinctly 1983 line in drainpipe trousers teamed with excessively pointy loafers.

In summary, a complete tool.
J Lindsay looks just like Gene Wilder with that crap haircut
by James Lindsay March 18, 2008
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