Huge Testicles. Usually said in a derogatory manner. Especially when telling someone to do something, usually sucking.
Colton "Dude, why did it take you so long to get here?"

Kory "Dude, Suck my geets!"
by Ccb0889 April 25, 2011
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also known as "Skate Geet".....one the hottest skateboard zines(way before computers and the internet for you youngsters) to come out of the great state of Ohio. Can be viewed on the historical archive wall at Transworld Skateboarding.
Dude.....have you seen the new issue of Skate Geet?
by TB January 12, 2004
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(Noun) - Faggot. Short for Fageet. Homo. Shitbreath. Pickle twister.
I saw Richard Simmons on the David Letterman show last night. Jesus, that dude is a geet.
by Ed VH June 08, 2006
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A large form of a giant jumping beet with sharp teeth that tries to jump in your mouth.
" I tried to pull the geet out of my mouth and it bit me" Damn geet mouth
by beet mouth August 29, 2007
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The plural of goat. Used by a small population in the Midwest of the United States.
Little Bo Peep lost her geet.
Last summer my goat joined the herd of geets.
by Ana007 January 27, 2018
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