Basiclly means i lied, or fuck outta here.
(Ugly Bitch Passes By)
Dude 1: That Bitch Is Bad
Dude 2: Gee'd

(Dude Finds 20 Cash)
Dude 1: My Nigga I Just found 20 Beans
Dude 2: Your Geein It d.a we smokin
by Baii Jr May 29, 2012
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Sarcastic term meaning the opposite of "good". If said about a being it is offensive toward them. To extend the hatred just add more e's.
That's geed. Your quite geed.
by Dan Davies January 25, 2007
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(noun) the kitty form of "God"
"ohmygeed!! I just ate a fly and it was super tasty."
by yoshimi April 07, 2005
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a girl might say you remind me of a geed. Then when asked what that means she does not reply
by MNBrant1 April 26, 2011
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a geeds is a person or thing that is above all else in coolness. Usually has the stature of a giraffe and the strong headness of a rhino.
That shirt is so geeds.
Yo, that female emperor penguin is a geeds.
by GKG May 12, 2005
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