While a gear whore can be described as someone who has the best, most expensive, coolest gear, and a damn lot of it; it is more commonly used to describe an individual who simply MUST have a shitload of gear, useful or not.

Light & tight is how it should be done, guys.

The ALICE fighting load is good enough for most short-term outings. If you want something to last you upwards of 2-3 days, go for an existence load.
SSgt (name) is such a gear whore. Does he really need 85 pounds of shit for a 12 hour SAR mission?

The next cadet I see with ranger beads, if he can't start rattling off his count within 10 seconds, I'm gonna kick his ass.
by wilhelmwonka December 12, 2007
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Originated with fly fishermen who have to have every cool,expensive piece of gear there is. Now broadly applies to anyone who has to have the all the cool, expensive gear associated with their hobby of choice.
That guy with all the ski equipment is a real gear whore.
by shane December 4, 2004
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One who is obsessed with GOW and displays the following symptoms:

Red eyes

Fear of chainsaws

Uncontrolable urge to drop the F-bomb

Has gained the "Seriously..." achievement
Joe: Dude look at Mark, he is a total Gears of Whore, he's clocked in over 20,000 games of GOW.
by W0uldn't y0u like t0 kn0w? December 10, 2007
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exp. A name given to Gears of War or Gears of War 2 by someone who is frantically enthusiastic about playing another game, so he yells "Gears of Whore!", while alone in his bedroom, thinking about gibbing his next victim with a gnasher shotgun.
Frantic Gamer: "I'm finna play a nex' game o' Gears of Whore!!!"
by eminutia January 20, 2010
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1) Someone who is blind/ retarded enough to find the game "Gears of War" enjoiyable.

2) One who believes that steroid enduced, boring, two-dimensional characters and horrible story-development is good writing.

Dude, has he seriously been playing that rubbish pile this whole time? What a Gear of whore
by A_K June 11, 2008
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In MMORPGs, it is a person merely acts all buddy-like towards another to obtain their gear. Not to be confused by noobs who beg for gear. A typical gear whore will lure this particular person to give their gear for them to use. This requires the person, the gear whore, to create a "friendship" to ensure their plan of obtaining gear is a success. When the particular person begins to trust them and hand the gear, the gear whore will show off to other members how good they are... when the gear whore in reality... never did anything legitimately to earn gear.
John: How did you get that gear?
John: I have not heard from you in days.
Jane: I have new buddies.
John: No way. What did you do?
Jane: I'm not telling you. I got this gear from the marketplace.
John: Days ago, you were bashing about the guild and now you are buddies with them.

John: I smell a whore. A gear whore.
by Ryni L Ice December 31, 2015
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