A verb most commonly used on the playgrounds of elementary school, gayfer means someone who is stupid, ignorant, or all in all just plain gay.
Ugh, I can't believe that gayfer stole the jumprope from me!!!
by Tiana February 26, 2005
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Da noun form of a gay person. More offensive than homo but less than faggot.
Just because it jumped when I saw him bend over dont make me a gayfer.
by Nigga WHAT March 19, 2003
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no no, no no. people have SO misinterpreted the meaning for the word gayfer. The ORIGINAL meaning for gayfer means a gay fat person. this word originates from the word heffer, which means a big person. adding gay as a pretence is a way to call someone gay AND fat. mm, a double-threat :)
*at school*
courtney: OMG that girl got big!
sharon: i hear she's turned lesbian.
courtney: ahahaha what a gayfer!
by yermoom December 18, 2009
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"Yo you know that kid Patrick"
"Yeah that kids a fucking gayfer"
by FuckPatrick December 19, 2016
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(noun): a "smaller version" of the term faggot, without implying homosexuality, and attacking character (or lack thereof).

the term gayfer usually carries little-to-no homosexual connotation within it, in the same way that faggot or pussy, many times, have little to do with orientation or genitalia.
person A: "did you see that guy over there, singing to himself?"

person B: "yeah man, what a little gayfer."
by yoruhiru March 11, 2010
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(also spelled "Gayfor")
An individual who identifies as heterosexual, but engages in homosexual activity with a specific individual on an exceptional basis. Very close friends with benefits.
John likes the ladies, but he's been Paul's Gayfer since they met in college.
by Jeff Hughes August 11, 2006
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