Anyone who has a hatred towards somebody that is interested in same sex relationships.
If you hate on the lgbt community... you are a gaycist
by D1cc w1gulz June 20, 2018
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When you're not homophobic but you make offensive jokes or use the term gay in a derogatory way
Person A: That's kinda gay
Person B: You're saying that like it's a bad thing . Don't be gaycist bro!
by baeby brooklyn November 17, 2017
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The owner was a Gaycist and refused to hire the lesbian even though she was fully qualified.
by RacismNotGaycism March 31, 2018
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when you hate a person who sucks dick
homo a: Hey bro suck my dick
homo b: Fuck off you fag i'll kill you!!
homo a: Don't be so gaycist, just give it a taste.
by Chris Beale July 02, 2004
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Someone who is descrimitaory towards faggots.
Similar to racist but gaycist
Todd : "Look at that fag, I bet he loves the cock!"
Blinky :" Faa bro dont be such a gaycist cunt!"
by Todd Evans July 06, 2004
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Rocco is so gaycist against johnny and his boyfriend. He hates them so much that he won't even go to the local swingers club if they are there.
by hectic August 06, 2014
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