Non-Offensive slang for Homosexuals.
"There are Lesbians and Gays."
by PizzimpMcBozule February 17, 2003
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The non-existant malady that one catches by being around homosexuals (males especially).
"Yo, John went to San Francisco, and now he has a boyfriend; he must have caught the gay!"
by okenter June 21, 2005
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Declaration; a phrase that is shouted out loud by a straight man when he does something gay.
Brad slapped Ted on the ass in the shower room and then yelled "Not gay!" to prove indefinitely that he was not, in fact, gay.
by Valigarmander August 28, 2007
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1. To have homo-sexual feelings for another person.

2. A term used to mock someone for their abnormal obsession or desire for something which could be a person (not necessarily homo-sexual), place, thing or an action.
1) Ben is "gay for" Steven.

2) Melissa is "gay for" japanese comics.
Chris is "gay for" watching movies.
Thomas is "gay for" Anna.
by DW Chaney November 30, 2007
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Basically your gay but your not lesbian or gay but you gay in your words.
Me:Omg im so gay
Bestie:samee im gay but not gay
by Quackity's future wife July 14, 2021
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A type of squirrel that lives in Latin America.
"Look at that gay scampering across the way!"
by kynkearsamb June 20, 2009
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mean 'Happiness"
You: Gay!!!
Me: Who is gay?
You; You!
Me: yes, Happiness galore!
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