Nickname for Jay-Z, bestowed upon him by suburban, adolescent virgin Nas fanboys, because they're jealous of his success so they call him gay, even though while they call him that he's probably f*cking Beyonce while all they have is Internet porn and their hand.

Truth Hurts
Gay Z = Failure of A Diss
by Jay Z is Better Than Nas November 14, 2010
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A hate term for rapper Jay-Z invented by Nas when they had beef. Used commonly by people who view that he lacks rap talent, which isnt really true, hes up there with pac, biggie, rakim, lupe, talib, nas, cube, dre, eazy, royce, eminem, big l, you know the rest. But hey everyone is gonna have haters, even tupac has haters.
Jay-Z Hater: Fuck Gay-Z, Nas will kill him any day.

Me: Are you fucking retarded? They squashed the beef 4 years ago, and they are homies now.

Jay-Z Hater: No beef ever gets squashed.

Me: .....
by Fuck Haters, Jay rules August 22, 2009
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children of demons. They should all die.
Ain't it funny how gayz are usually fagity cult leaders.
by chuck November 06, 2003
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1. An insult to rappers the user hates. (e.g. Vanilla Ice, Ja Rule, Snow)
2. Nursery rhyme MC.
Daniel: Do you know this man named Drake?
Ben: Yeah, he is so gay-Z, he made me want to jerk off.
by chips February 16, 2020
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