Something that is non-existant. Some are moronic enough to think that they deserver rights, but they don't.
Gays have no rights, everyone with a properly functioning brain can see that.
by The X-Factor June 17, 2005
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Giving homosexuals rights that are not currently afforded to them. This includes marriage, tax breaks, and more openess in general in society.
Commentary: As a Conservative Christian I look at Homosexuality like this. The Bible says being gay is wrong. It also says many other things are wrong. We are all sinners so we have nothing to boast about. Therefore I love people who are gay just as much as those who are not.

Moreover, I do not think there needs to be a movement to afford gay people more "rights". The government can take a stance on this and not allow marriages much in the same way it does not allow explicit material on billboards to advertise a porn film.

I agree that homosexuals should not be hated upon. That does not mean society has to accept homosexuality as a good thing. Love the person, hate the act.
by Bryansix June 23, 2005
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Special rights that should NOT be granted to homosexuals. However, you have the basic human right to not be killed, and also the right to change your ways.
To the Homos: "Turn or burn!" I say.
by The Anti-Fag February 22, 2005
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