the built up anger from being closeted about your homosexuality; a manic rage resulting from denying your own sexual preference of your own gender.
I didn't expect Richard to black out in such a gay rage for your comment about his bedazzled vest.
by roelliss June 1, 2011
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the act of excessively partying in one's garage
We are gonna gay rage at my house all night tonight.
by Jacki Blacki November 9, 2010
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the act of excessively partying in one's garage

CAUTION: while gay raging, others around you may become uncomfortable to the point of ignoring you completely
We were gay raging to the song "Baby" last night.
We gay raged for five hours straight.
Damn, I wish we could gay rage right now.
Let's gay rage at my house tonight.
by Jacki Blacki November 11, 2010
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A temper tantrum observed in homosexual men who exhibit emotional behavior of a female coupled with the strength of a man. Such deadly pairing is particularly worrisome given that crimes, such as assault and/or murder committed in a gay-rage usually reveal a gory and violent confrontation above normal levels (i.e. excessive bruising, multiple gunshot or stabbing wounds)
Gianni Versace was murdered in a gay-rage by a serial killer on a spree.
by unidentified007 October 14, 2006
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The anger exhibited by an overtly homosexual male.
*slams table

Chris: God Damn it!!! These people are fucking crazy.

Dustin: Man, you have a lot of gay rage.

Chris: I know... *frown
by BlueKnouse March 31, 2011
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An extremely frustrated or outwardly rude man that counters everything with feminine-like rage. To bitch at someone in a bitchy (gay) manor. Also when you piss off a gay man to the point where he gets retard-strength and beats the shit out of everyone in proximity.
"We were at the bar when my friend said faggot too loud, then this shemale turned green with the gay-rage and I woke up in the hospital with a broken nose and a torn asshole."
by disfunktedfish September 11, 2006
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A person, particularly gamer, that gets angry at things that they should have no reason to get angry about. They then proceed to cry and complain about seemingly nothing for too long and this makes them extremely annoying to be around. They can be enraged further by making crying noises or treating them like a child.
"Wow, Harvey just lost a game of Smash and now he's being such a Gay Rage Baby. Waaah! Waaaah! "
by Nintendo online sucks December 6, 2019
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