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This is a belief all members of the same gender are likewise homosexual.

Much like a Rabid Queer which defines a singular individual with Gay Rabies the concept of Gay Rabies defines the ideal that ALL Men (or Women) are a six pack away from being Gay.

To be a Gay (Homosexual) man and to think all men are likewise gay but not drunk enough to admit it that man is said to have Gay Rabies.
Example 1:
If you think I am gay or going to turn gay one day you got yourself a bad case of Gay Rabies.

Example 2.
It is bad enough a friend of mine is gay but he hangs around some people who apparently suffer Gay Rabies pretty bad. That is why I don't like to go anywhere with Mike even if he is my friend. Its HIS friends that bother me.

Example 3.
Laura's lesbian friend commented that one of her diesel dyke friends has some pretty bad Gay Rabies for Laura's straight sister.
by Fractious1 April 23, 2018
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