Person: yo you know Jaylin right?
Other person: yeah
Person: He’s the BIG GAY
by Broitsthebiggay November 21, 2018
You are Big Gay.
by zedb March 7, 2019
Someone who is really gay.
Cristina is suuuuuppppper gay. Like, Big Gay.
by Googly face September 3, 2019
a old joke that isn't funny
''you have big gay ''
by Add me on xbox Cuhxz January 24, 2019
Big Gay is a derogative term used to point out that someone did something daft or likes something stupid

Like Tom
Tom is Big Gay because he likes Anime.
by Wolfcubware December 13, 2018
your big gay
"damm that girl ella, shes fucking gay."
"youre right. shes big gay"
by youre big gay January 14, 2019