In a Gay House there is a Gay Mother . It can be a male, female or transgender. They are usually accompanied by a Gay father. This represents A safe haven for the LGBT community for those who family has disowned them.
We are looking for a gay mom to add to our gay house Vogue '.
by LaVaL December 7, 2015
A WORD USED WHEN you tell your mom your not gay
"TRUST ME MOM IM NOT GAY UGH YOU NEVER BELIVE ME!" this phrase shows you are telling your mom you are not homosexual. Im not gay mom means you are telling your mom that you are not homosexual.
by im not gay mom i promise November 6, 2020
a much more sensible insult over "you're mom gay" or "your mom gay"
Bill: you're mom gay lol
Bob: you're gay mom
Bill: *jumps off 5 story tower*
by beastlyxd February 27, 2018
My dear friend is like my therapist. I tell her everything and she is like a vault that won't tell anyone. I trust her with everything and I love her a lot. She called herself my gay mom because she is like a mom to me but better than a mom. She doesn't judge me and I'm really grateful to have her in my life. That is why I have decided that I want to name June 24 National Gay Mom day. Everyone needs a Gay Mom like my friend. I want to celebrate this day with her to show how much I appreciate her.
We have to go celebrate National Gay Mom Day so that we can appreciate Gay Mom.
by gaymomday June 20, 2020
When someone hits you up with that “Ur mom gay” you must counter-attack with “Ur Gay is Mom”
Works 100% of the time
Guy: Lel ur mom gay
Kid: Ur Gay is mom
Guy: Evaporates into nothing
by M3m3M4ch1n3 February 25, 2018