Informal grouping of rich, powerful gays & lesbians in Hollywood who all seem to know each other
Bruce's rent boy days were over once he was taken under the wing of the gay mafia.
by Screamapillar August 22, 2003
Group of socially powerful gay men (mostly) and women who dictate fascistic definitions of gayness including clothing, mannerisms, haircuts, political views, hot clubs and which blonde anorexic is the twink du jour. twink gayness
The Gay Mafia boycotted that cafe and made it close down.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
Also known as the Fairy Godfathers. Mess with them once, and you are liable to wake up looking into the eyes of a decapitated poodle on the next pillow. Also liable to make you an offer you can't live down at the next Bible meeting.
by Fearman November 9, 2007
They are the queer homosexual men found everywhere, in every neighborhood, community, profession and business. Some are open and others are in the closet and some live dual lives, but all "get to know each other" and they have inside ways to clue new gays that they also walk on the gay side. It functions as a brotherhood and they help each other out in every conceivable way. They always take the side of the gay guy in in disputes with straights and especially women and even more so if they are divorcing a woman they tricked into marrying them. They help each other out in business dealings the same way.
A New York Times art critic will always trash heterosexual artists and love stories especially if it is about a mans's love for a woman and even more so in the guy makes love to her (they hate that) even if the work is wonderful and always praise gay theater and artists even if horrible. The New York Times Culture and Entertainment section is the ink arm of the gay mafia in New York.

You now can be sure your next door neighbor, married with kids, is gay when your gay ex husband tells you he thinks David is a nice guy, a "real person." So you retort, but "He's such a bitch!" and the ex smiles. #%^#@ Gay Mafia!

by tallhotsingleblondfemale.38.26.34 September 17, 2006
A group of 13 people, 12 of which are LGBT+, that are identified as the cool gays.
Holy sh*t its the Gay Mafia!
by luminousgalaxies February 25, 2019
Two people known on the Leicester gay scene who report only to the gay godfather. Drinkers of premium vodka and coke. Never mess with these pair or you may end up with a fabulous black eye or maybe something far far worse!
Oh no it's the Gay Mafia. Better play show me love... Again!
by Inferno84 February 14, 2015
Black GayMafia is an all Gay African-American Criminal organization that spreads world wide including Brazil and Japan; Holding estimated Memebers of more than over 200 members. It is rumored Black GayMafia have ties with one of New York's 5Mob Families, Yakuza, The very first known Transsexual Mobster Ketty Gabriele of the Camorra Crime Family in Italy and others. This Black GayMafia is called/or call themselves The da Vinci Crime Family.
It's the 21st Century, Unusual and Real things starting to unviel esp. the Black Gay Mafia
by mobspeaker May 2, 2011