"Gay Chicken" , covertlty abbrivuated "G.C." is a game one may play with a friend or colleague by which to determine if the same sex friend will or will not engage in a gay activity.

In one event the actors may move closer and closer for a kiss. The first one to move away is a chicken, because, hey, what's wrong with a little kiss among friends?

Other events may include touching, or moving a hand up a thigh.
Cory: Hey Carter, want to play Gay Chicken?
Carter: Hell yes!
by Bobby Peach October 17, 2019
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This is a game based on the game gay chicken. It runs on a dare game.

Preperations: take a shower clean every thing even your asshole, get horny

Supplies (optional)
Lube, condoms, rubbergloves

Play the game like a dare sex game for example:

1. Joe i dare you to rub my balls....
2. Jon i dare you to suck on my balls....
3. Joe i dare you to lick precum off my dick...
4. Jon i dare you to suck on my cock..
5. Joe i dare you to suck my cock..
6. Jon i dare you to put lube on my cock and yor ass hole.

Then just continue to do what you want done to you.

This game is very fun and feels great.

If you lose your not gay, the other person just has bragging rights.

Try it you will love it

Dont share your game experience with other people.

Have fun and be safe.
by Wit trash September 10, 2016
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When two straight guys get bored with playing 'gay chicken' the game is stepped up to an "extreme" level.

The first player must remove his pants and lube up his penis... preferably with KY warming jelly.

The second player must also remove his pants, however this contestant must lube his asshole with the chosen lubricant.

Both players then must slowly move closer together, either until one player pulls away (remaining player is deemed winner) or until it is agreed that player 1 is balls deep inside player 2 in which both players are deemed "gay".
Jason is the Tiger Woods of Extreme Gay Chicken!!
by KeaingIsTheBest June 20, 2009
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