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1. If a gay person has an erection, he has a gay boner.
2. If any person has an erection that resembles a gay persons erection, it can be considered a gay boner.
Earnest (gay): Oh Herby, I have such a gay boner.
Herby (not gay): I have a gay boner too, Earnest.
by bumarse October 23, 2009
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The occurrence of one's penis becoming erect as a result of homo-erotic touching/playing, thinking of men engaging in homo-erotic acts, or viewing such homo-erotic acts.
Hershman got a gayboner when Futch gooch-grabbed him after drinking some Arbor Mist wine coolers.

After watching Grey's Anatomy, Ballen had to run to the bathroom to relieve himself of his gayboner.
by Jewbin September 20, 2007
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A gay person's boner. Also, an adjective that describes pretty much anything in a negative way. A noun that also means "Dumbfuck."
That man must be gay, because he has a gayboner.

Emos are gayboners.

Those drones in Halo 2 are straight-up gayboner.
by Alejandrochimi September 21, 2007
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