Is the act of throwing African American babies or toddlers during slavery times into an aligator swamp in order to atract aligators.Inoder to trap the aligator so it could be skinned.
The slave owners would steal, the children in the night or when the mother was not looking and place in cages to attract the aligators, once the alligators where nearby they would throw the children that were still alive into the swamp so they could hit the alligator on the head and trapp it.
Google alligator bait, black babies.
lets go get some gator bait to throw into the swamp.
by lennyp June 17, 2008
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Did you see Gator Bait on TV last night?! I bet she made daddy happy!
by TheAdept June 09, 2003
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Any small dog, usually yappy and annoying ones. Coined by residents of the Deep South US as a result of such dogs being killed and eaten by alligators.
If you don't shut that Yorkie up, he'll be gator bait.
by schwartz June 23, 2014
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Sexual position where the woman kneels over the side of a half full bath tub, placing her hands in the water on the bottom of the tub for support, and her partner takes position behind her.

For extra pleasure, a full bathtub can be used for more erotic splashing and thrashing.
Todd totally did the Gator Bait with that ho Vanessa last night.
by T.I.O. Reaper July 24, 2011
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the most annoying chant ever uttered at sports events
1. (sound of band playing w/ crowd cheer at the end) da, da, da, da, da, da, GATOR BAIT!!!
2. Ted: Hey, that florida gator bait chant is pretty cool.
Me: Yea, if you like dudes.
by b-razzle June 10, 2006
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