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Something we should all practice when filling up, but a lot of us seldom do.
Rules Of Gas Station Etiquette:
(1) If you have just your car, pull forward to da last unoccupied pump (even if you have to slither around others) so dat those behind you can reach da pumps more easily.
(2) If you have a long trailer, use da first pump in line to leave da others clear, unless this would block access to da station. If so, park over in da side-lot and use gas-cans to fill up.
(3) If you need to also shop in da station's store, get da gas **first** and then move your 0%!$@# vehicle outta da pump-island so dat others can fill up in da meantime… don't just leave your rig parked in da island while you leisurely diddle around in da candy-bars aisle!
(4) If you'll need extra time at da pump (like if you hafta tediously "coax in" da last few gallons, or you have gas-cans to also fill) either wait till a "slower" time of day, or else park off to da side and use your gas-cans to finish up.
(5) If you have a check to cash, bagged/rolled coins to spend/exchange, or other "lengthier" business, wait till da other customers are done. Also, walk around da store to ensure you have all your needed items, so dat you don't hafta dash back to da far-corner cooler to grab a second gallon of milk (and thus oblige everyone else behind you to grumblingly wait) and then run all da way back to da counter again! And have your payment-method (cash, debit/Food-Stamps cards, check, etc.) all ready once ya get to da counter, rather than having to frantically fumble for it.
by QuacksO July 24, 2018
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